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Top Signs That You Are an Anime Fan


Anime and cartoons have always been a big part of a person’s childhood. It is a colourful world where imagination and creativity is the king. But, whoever said that anime is only for children is definitely wrong because for some people, the world of anime is a passion that they carry for life. You may have already heard of people participating in costume plays based on their favourite anime or people who are all-out with their anime related collections. If you feel like you are one of these people who are passionate about anime, here is a list of guidelines that can certainly make you know for sure.

You Would Rather Watch Anime than Dramas (Or Any Other Show, Actually)

If youhave a choice between watching anime and dramas and you one hundred percentchoose to watch anime than any other shows for that matter, then you aredefinitely an anime lover. Having weekends off normally springs people to watchtheir favourite drama or romance series,but you? You would rather hole up in your room the whole day watching DragonBall Z or Naruto or maybe watching a re-run of Hunter x Hunter all by yourself.

You Have a Collection Related To Anime

Whether it is toys or cards, you are always on the run to collect things that are related to anime. If you are even willing to wait in line just to get a collectible, then you are absolutely an anime fanatic to the core. More so, if you are always up to date on where you can buy Pokemon trading cards online or where the newest anime themed coffee shop is then you are undeniably an anime-holic.

The First Costume Idea That Comes To Your Mind Is Anime-Themed

If youare to participate in a costume party and your first idea of a costume is to beGoku from Dragon Ball Z or Ash Ketchum from Pokemon or maybe Sakura fromNaruto, then you are absolutely and unquestionably a fan of anything anime.Choose wisely for there are a lot of cool costumes that you can select from.You can be a ninja or a shogun. Maybe be a Yokai for Halloween? Pulling offsuch a costume is absolutely an anime fanatic’s dream.

You Always Compare People to Anime Characters

If yousee people’s appearances or personalities based on anime characters, then youmight just be a fan. Is your friend as goofy as Naruto or as adventurous as AshKetchum? You may have a person who you compare to villains, too, and you mayjust want to Kame Hame Ha them to kingdom come. Whatever you want to do andwhatever you say simply roots from your anime filled the heart and you show this even in the way youinteract with others. If you areexperiencing these symptoms, then you are surely an anime lover to the core. Getup from your couch and be proud to be one.

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