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Tips To Maintain Personal Hygiene


Keeping clean is an essential aspect of maintaining one’s personal hygiene. Not only does the habit of maintaining healthy practices on a daily basis help keep reduce the risk of acquiring infections and illnesses, it also aids in making the individual feel good about themselves. Therefore, it is essential to be well-groomed and keep clean at all times. Here are a few tips to maintain one’s personal hygiene.

Bathe Often

Sweating is one of the main reasons why bacteria accumulate around the body. The areas where sweat collects acts as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi to breed. Therefore, make sure you wash your body often. Take showers regularly and use a good shower gel or soap that maintains the pH balance of your skin. However, you must avoid using shampoo on a daily basis as this can affect the pH of your scalp thus affecting hair growth. So make sure you bathe regularly and keep your body free from sweat and bacteria.

Keep Your Feet Clean

This is one area of the body that is exposed to a great deal of dust on a daily basis. Make sure you wash your feet thoroughly from time to time to ward off any dust or germs that could be present in between the toes. It would be recommended to use warm water and a mild soap to wash the feet. In addition, you must use a foot scrub at least once a week and go for a pedicure once a month. Wearing socks and shoes for long hours on a daily basis can increase the risk of acquiring fungal infections. In such cases, it is important to consult a doctor for laser fungal nail treatment or any similar issue that cannot be treated at home.

Remove Excess Hair And Nail Growth

There is no doubt that hair and nails have a pretty fast growth rate for most people. This can pose an issue as there can be a need to trim the nails regularly and remove any excess hair. Make sure you trim your nails and clean out the areas where dirt accumulates. In addition, you must ensure that you wax or shave around the pubic area and underarms too as this is where the fastest growth occurs. Moreover, waxing or shaving the arms and legs is also important for those who happen to have excessive hair growth in these areas. Apart from this, men must ensure that they regularly trim their beard and mustache in order to keep the face clean and look good too.

It is quite normal to neglect one’s health and personal hygiene owing to the busy schedules that most people have on a daily basis. However, your job and other aspects of your life will take a backseat in case you fall sick. So make sure you put yourself first and maintain personal hygiene if you wish to avoid acquiring infections as a result of lack of personal hygiene. So, keep these tips in mind if you wish to live a clean, healthy and happy life!

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