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The Simple Guide To Converting Your ART Into MONEY


Starving is not in the job requirement for being an artist, and we’re here to prove it! Here’s how you can make money with your art.

Sell Your Prints In Style

The simple truth is, no matter how good your art is if it’s sold on the roadside, chances are that you’ll never make the money you truly deserve. No matter how hard up for cash you are, try to have a standard for your selling points. Choose websites that are reputed to do your print sales. Find a local art event space in Melbourne to showcase and sell your creativity for the best price possible. Most spaces as such take a chunky commission, so do your research meticulously before renting any space. 

Teaching Classes Online

If you’re good at speaking and have a way of engaging an audience, then consider conducting classes online. For a fixed price, you can teach several levels of artists to make the most amount of money. Do your best to make the beginner level easy to follow along for even the most novice artist, which means no complicated techniques or expensive materials or tools. As for the more advanced (and obviously more expensive) classes. Make sure it is worth their time and money. If they learn something unique, you are sure to be recommended forward.

Hands-On And Local

If you do well with crowds or with people in general, consider conducting a more hands-on kind of lesson. You can conduct workshops and easily earn a pretty amount in bulk each session. Doing workshops is easier than teaching, as it does not require that you have an entire course planned out; making it easy for you to wing it as you go! If your field of art happens to be photography, then you’ll be interested to know that many well known photographers used to conduct workshops to tide them over when a rough period hits. In facts, workshops are a huge secondary income for some popular photographers.

Use The Internet For Easy Marketing And Selling

The internet is your best marketing strategy if you do it right. Use your social media account to draw fans to your work who will inevitably one day become your clients. Advertise your events easily through social media for a sell-out show. You can even use social media as a platform to sell your art if you’re not happy with the available websites to you. Be warned though, word of mouth is quite a dangerous thing online; so do your best to avoid angering and disappointing clients.

Making Connections Whereever You Go To Help Sell Your Work

Like with any other business or occupation, even converting your art into money gets effected quite a bit if you know the right people. Do your best to stay connected with peers and keep an eye out for trending sites to sell your artwork at. Making connections is also a great way to drum up students for your local or online classes. So step out of your comfort zone and make your selling pitch to the world!

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